How to Pamper Yourself - My Shower Routine

Sometimes there really is nothing better than a nice hot shower. So, why not take the opportunity to turn a shower into a full blown PAMPERING session? Well this is exactly what I did, and it was great to relax spend some time with myself. Pampering is a fantastic way to take your mind off things making the inside of your body feel as good as the outside will, when you are finished!

  • I start off by of course having a good wash so that I smell nice and am nice and clean. Using my pink loofa (Soap and Glory) I make the T'ai Chi shower gel super foamy! This shower gel has a really nice, sweet scent which isn't overpowering. It comes out as a clear gel which then foams up as it hits the water, this makes it really soft and moisturising on your skin. Rituals (where its from) also has really nice scrubs, creams and perfumes so I would definitely recommend as I think it is PERFECT for presents for my mum.

  • Next thing is to wash the old face of mine... I was just going for a cleanse so I use the Neutrogena Pink grapefruit facial cleanser, which has such a refreshing smell. And after rinsing it off and patting my face dry (at this point I have temporarily stepped out of the shower) I use the Simple facial toner.

  • Step 3 is hair washing, which makes me feel completely cleansed from head to toe! I prefer to use two different brands of shampoo and conditioner every once in a while to strengthen my hair a bit, so I used shampoo from Garnier and conditioner from Herbal Essences. This part usually takes me quite a while so I like to sing -who doesn't- to release stress and pass the time ;)

  • So that ends the shower part of the shower routine, but there are still plenty of things to do outside the shower.  I moisturise with the Gilly Hicks body lotion in Blue Camden, and also moisturise my hair with R&B by Lush. This product smells really good but only use a very small amount! Otherwise it makes your hair looks greasy once it has dried. 

  • The last step is optional but if I'm going for a full pampering session then I will shave or wax my legs. I think that the best at home wax strips are the Veet for Normal skin because they have a lovely smell and work well.

After this I hope you feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead of you! 
Stay Beautiful
Sabrina Lucille xx


  1. Thanks for sharing your routine! Now I feel like taking a shower...



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