Whole Foods Shopping Spree

At the beginning of a  New Year I think most people set a goal of a 'healthier' lifestyle, this was no different from me! So on a chilly Friday Morning I embarked with my mum for a spot of grocery shopping at the local Wholefoods (local being 20 minutes away but whatever).

We mainly focused on buying unprocessed snack foods, like kale chips and organic pizza, rather than health powders or any supplements - my mum preferred to keep it natural ;)

So these are all the things that we bought
Because its quite hard to see everything there from one display of it all, I will walk you through individual sections of it - providing my opinion on some of the things!

Firstly the 'Pukka cleanse tea' was my choice and I absolutely love it! It contains organic nettle, fennel and peppermint which are said to "purify your skin" I think it is the perfect tea to drink, especially after a meal because it is sweet but also refreshing because of the fennel and peppermint. That little bag from the company Pour Toi contains 'Cinnamon Pecan Blondie Bites' these are organic and gluten free and are so tasty I ate 4 in one day,  their only downside is that there are only 5 bites in a bag :( and each bag costs £4 - so a little on the pricey side but a definite MUST try if you suffer from Gluten allergies. Behind them are Cocoa Nibs again on the pricey side (but most things in Whole Foods are) for me these are too bitter to just be eaten as a snack but they are a healthy alternative to chocolate and chocolate chips for baking. The 'Happy Kale' kale chips were the only ones i could find that weren't some wacky flavour, like cinnamon and celery or apple and vinegar - if anyone knows if these are good please comment below! These Kale chips were Barbecue flavoured, a tiny bit spicy and not my favourite but still quite more-ish. 

This pizza deserves its own picture because it was so so SO delicious! I heard about this Organic pizza from  +NikkiPhillippi on Youtube and so I decided to try it. My brother, dad and I devoured this pizza, the crust was so soft and not at all like a normal frozen pizza's is. One is certainly not big enough for 3 people so if you buy them I wpuld buy in BULK! It's especially handy as it only takes 10mins to bake.

You can't see the label very well on the Green pot but that is Guacamole, the Naked bars are a nice chewy snack bar, 100%vegan 100%raw, their main ingredients being Dates. And the Seaweed strips I haven't tried yet, but are supposed to be a good low-cal snack.

If you are looking for a non-dairy alternative to milk I recommend Almond milk - especially if you want to drink it as just 'a glass of milk' however rice milk is good for smoothies.

The Focaccia was only £3 for a metre long piece, however it did not taste good! It was really dry and un-flavoursome, I would not reccomend this. The Granola was fairly cheap though and is really tasty with some greek yogurt and berries! 

Stay Beautiful
Sabrina Lucille xx



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