January Favourites 2014

Wow, I can't believe its February. Does anybody else feel like it has gone incredibly quickly? And since it is now February I am going to be showing you guys my January Favourites! I actually have quite a lot of things on this list since I got some really cool things for Christmas and have been loving them this month.
  1. My FASHION favourites! 
• A light grey slightly cropped top, from Brandy Melville which says 'BAD LUCK' on it, this is really easy to style with, whether its jeans, a skater skirt or a chunky knit cardigan it works with everything!
• My new favourite hoody which I have been wearing a lot lately. Its an ash grey, cropped hoodie from American Apparel.
• These 'Mom Jeans' from Urban Outfitters are high waisted but also baggy, meaning they are super comfortable, whenever I wear these jeans I receive compliments :)

          2. My BEAUTY favourites!

For some reason this month I have been having a lot of breakouts, so after my usual face scrub ran out I decided to venture out and try a new brand. I was immediately drawn to the metallic ombre packaging and so bought this Clearasil Ultra Scrub, and boy does this thing work! It has a wonderfully refreshing smell and tiny grains in it meaning I actually feel like I'm doing something when I scrub it on my face.
• The Benefit Pore-fessional is super light and provides perfect coverage for my T-zone and around the nostrils where my pores are usually larger.
• In December I really wanted a bright red lip colour, but it was only until January that I actually bought one. This is the Rimmel Colour Rush in '500 the redder the better' it is super bright and very long lasting.
• I know, I know another benefit product... but this blush needs to be mentioned simply because I wear it almost everyday. When I was first given it I was a bit sceptical but it is easy to layer up and make stronger or leave as a nice light blush - guaranteed to suit most skin tones!
•Lastly those cute little egg shaped things, EOS lip balms. These are really really good, they are 100% natural and 95% organic. The two there are strawberry and honey suckle, but my favourite is Blueberry Acai.

       3. My FOOD favourites!

The nakd or Naked bars are sold at various food retailers but are surprisingly cheapest at whole foods! Their dominant ingredient is dates, they are 100% vegan, raw and organic. My favourite flavours are Pecan Pie, Cashew Cookie and Banana Bread.
•Nutellaaaaaaaaa, who doesn't love this stuff? Recently I have been making everything with Nutella, cookies, brownies, sandwiches, hot-chocolate and my favourite is to use it as chocolate sauce on ice-cream. 
•Ice breakers are american and they are the best mints in the world. Be warned though the first one that you have will taste disgusting (I had to spit mine out) but then after the next one you will just want more and more!
 • Excuse the lack of picture, unfortunately I finished the last bag I had of these. They are so delicious and more-ish, I am always snacking on them especially because they are relatively healthy and taste like popcorn! They are quite hard to find though, I have to trek to whole foods to find them.

   4. My RANDOM favourites! 

 I have recently started to enjoy taking a water bottle around with me, so this Starbucks Flask is perfect as it can take hot drinks and cold ones, I also like the fact that it has a giant Starbucks logo on it!
• That beautiful rainbow in the back there is created by those beautiful Stabilo felt pens, which I have been using for cards, notes and lists.
• Lastly the Fluffy Towels candle, which has a lovely light smell, and a calming colour as it burns.

Let me know if you like this style of article and whether I should do more in the future. :)

Stay Beautiful
Sabrina Lucille xx


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