Mediterranean Vegetable Tart Recipe

Oooweeaah... if this isn't the perfect thing for a Spring lunch then I don't know what it. The sweet tomatoes, salty courgette and oozing melty goodness of goats cheese and mozzarella all piled high on top of crisp puffed pastry... Oooweeaah. (my new favourite made up word for when something is just too damn good for a regular word)

But seriously this tart is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G it's super easy to make and tastes like heaven. 

INGREDIENTS: (to serve four)*
-around 12 small tomatoes (I use Pome dei Moro, which are larger than cherry tomatoes and are delightfully sweet)
-one (relatively small) courgette
-around 75g of Goats Cheese
-around 100g of Mozzarella
-one jus-rol puff pastry sheet (I think it's around 300g)
-some fresh thyme
-olive oil
*the amounts are what I think I used, however the recipe is easy to eyeball, just use as much as you like of anything. or you can swap out some ingredients for your preference.

Preheat the oven to 200°C / 180°C fan oven.

First rinse and slice the courgettes thinly. Then fry them in a little olive oil until they are soft and some are brown. Slice your tomatoes also as thinly as possible (but this isn't essential, if you like your tomatoes chunky I won't judge) Rinse the thyme and lastly cut up your cheeses - that's basically all the prep you need!

Using the jus-roll sheets are so easy, just open up the box and roll out the sheet. Taking a sharp knife, run the blade along the perimeter of the rectangle about 1 - 2cm from the edge with just enough pressure to leave a mark but not enough to actually cut it. 
Then assemble the tart however you like by laying out the vegetables with cheese on top and a sprinkle of thyme.  
Spray/ drizzle some olive oil on top before putting in the oven for about 15mins, or until the sides puff up and the cheese is delectably brown. 

 Mmmm… serve immediately with a salad on the side (if you wish) as a delicious, light lunch.

Sabrina Lucille 


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