Easy Movie Night

Sometimes, after a long tiring week all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and watch a movie. So why not invite your friends over and make a movie night out of it! Movie nights are relaxing, fun and its also super easy to make one good! 

First off SNACKS: Besides the obvious... POPCORN... how about trying something equally delicious to munch on during the film? Now, I love brownies, and I also love peanut butter - so as I was strolling along the baking aisle I caught sight of these Betty Crocker peanut butter chips Brownies. Betty Crocker, for you poor souls who haven't tried it, have the best cookie/cake/brownie mixes in the world!  (no. joke.)
 I made them with my friends, and as they were baking it provides a perfect time slot to decide on a movie, and change into trackies.

 Pizza Time: you can't have a movie night without having pizza, so we went for dominoes, which is quick, affordable and yummy - in that 'this is junky food' kind of way. The best part of a movie night is when you eat in front of the tv, straight out the pizza delivery box.
The cookies are also pretty good from Dominoes, but a new thing that I only tried recently are their twisted dough balls, the cheese ones are the best :) 


Lastly, of course is choosing the Film: Should it be happy, sad, scary, romantic? I tend to go for a nice girly film like 'she's the man' or 'mean girls', but today we went for a comedy - 'The Internship' which is a really great film, because its cute and light hearted- perfect for a movie night!
Stay Beautiful
Sabrina Lucille xx


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